Zoe (caramel_monkey) wrote,

¡Viva España!

So. Stoked. Holy crap. You have no idea.

Mmk, I was excited as hell for this game. That was no secret. For anyone that follows me on twitter... and is not into Fifa... I feel for you. I went insane. I was never *hugely* into Fifa. See, I'm the kid with uncles that are into sport. So of course, every time I went back to Malaysia, I'd be educated. During the last world cup, I was holidaying in Fiji. And some other place. I remember though, I missed the entire thing.
The world cup before that... I was eight. I watched bits and pieces, but as an eight year old... you just cheer for the team everyone else cheers for, right? I loved watching it back then... I played soccer myself, so I was a bit of a soccer freak. Now I'm waaaay too lazy to play.
So this time round... I was extremely excited. I was up at insane hours of the day, watching every game I could. Unfortunately, New Zealand isn't hugely into soccer... we're a rugby nation. However, once the All Whites tied with Italy... BOOM. Anyway, based on the last world cup I watched, I was going for Germany and Portugal (not quite sure why... although I know I was going for Portugal because of Ronaldo. I was eight, yes, but I had eyes. He's hot!)
But as this year's tournament progressed, since I was more educated this time, I'd picked out my favourite teams. The All Whites, of course (might be disowned if they didn't make the list) Spain, and Germany. In that order. The All Whites are only at first place because of my heritage. ;D But hey, the only undefeated team this year? They didn't do too badly! Paston is a beast.

Anyway... you guys really didn't have to hear about my history with Fifa... hahaha. I just felt like meshing all of my Fifa love into one post. More for personal benefit, than anything else.

So this year's world cup... it was kind of like... well, the first world cup I'd ever been so involved in. I'd always had a backbench love for soccer (I kind of hate playing it though... ) and as a kid, it was hands down my favourite sport. I used to play... but now? I'm the chick who always stands at the back of the class during P.E, talking to her friends. *snirk* But this year... I was a lot more involved. When I watched games, I actually watched... if that makes any sense. I actually had favourites based on how they played, not on how pretty their shirts were. And I actually got insanely emotional. It was mad.

Okay, so right before this finale, I had people EVERYWHERE rooting for the Dutch. I'm not kidding. I had NO ONE supporting Spain with me. I never understood why Spain had never won... such a brilliant team! And I don't understand why they don't get more love... *shrugs* I adore them. Part of the reason why I was so happy that Spain won... selfish reasons. Everyone was going mad on twitter. 
"Hup Holland Hup!"
"Spain's going down!"
"Kick Spain's ass!"
Not exaggerating when I say I was the ONLY one tweeting about Spain. Everyone was like "haha.. funny... no. GO ORANJE!"
I didn't budge. Nu-uh. Me and the octopus... we knew what we were talkin' bout.

Sooo the first half of the game... well... nothing happened, really. Lots of tension... no goals...
I was a bit inexperienced when it came to Fifa finals, since the last one I watched... I was eight. So I was expecting the game to be a bit like the one the night before... Germany vs. Uruguay. Exciting stuff.
I was a tad disappointed... no goals at all. But the martial arts astounded me, to say the least. *snirk* I can't believe how nasty the dutch were getting! Seriously! I mean, it's not like I'm being biased... (well not completely, anyway.) I was rooting for them when they were against Uruguay! They're a very good team. But... during this game? Man, they were horrible. I did appreciate how they picked the Spanish up a couple of times though. Their sportsmanship was awesome... at times. Karate kick? REALLY?

Oh! Let me just say... Casillas is most definitely one of the best goalkeepers in the world! The dutch got SO CLOSE at one point... they had a clear shot! I was getting so scared... I screamed when they kicked the ball. And then... Casillas... he amazed me. He dived, and then managed to TAP the ball with his foot... deflecting it from the goal. That amazed me. It did. He is an amazing captain. He has so much heart. I love him. That little interview after the game... with his girlfriend.. awhhh. ♥

Oh! Another favourite part of the game... Okay, this sounds waaaay cliché, but I had a number of different drinks in front of me, right? Energy drinks, in bottles. In the excitement, I'd knocked one over. So when I heard Alonso was coming off, I reached under the table to grab the bottle. When I came back up... holy crap. Jesús Navas had graced my screen with his beautiful face. Holy. Crap. He is gorgeous! I'm not kidding! I sat there and gaped for a little while... this was the first time I'd seen him. His eyes are amazing. I googled him afterwards... he isn't all that photogenic, but when he plays... ahhhhhh. *swoon*

Now, that goal. That goal. Iniesta. You beauty! I wasn't expecting it to actually go in... after so many close calls... but once it did.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I had never actually been so happy in my entire life! You know how sometimes you get those really intense feelings of seriously intense joy? So much... that you have to scream? That's what I was feeling. The screaming got even worse once the final whistle had blown. I WAS SO HAPPY! My team had won... and they deserved it! I was so close to crying with joy... watching the whole team jump up and down... and then I saw Casillas. Holy crap, Casillas. He had just completely broken down. He was so happy. That broke me. I died. I started crying. Me. I cried. Over sport. What the fuck. It's amazing. But I was just so caught up in everything. So much joy.

Hm. That's just the weirdest thing. :/

Well now that the World Cup is over... I'm a little sad. I mean, I'd looked forward to every game... I always had something to tweet about... I got like twenty new followers on twitter. *shrugs* And I'm still on a soccer high... I'm still insanely happy about Spain winning...

Man, this is a really messy post... sorry about that. :P I'm exhausted. And I kind of had to rant about the World Cup... even though I know y'all aren't into that kind of thing. Feel free to skip over this!
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