Zoe (caramel_monkey) wrote,

"Holy Hannah!"

Yesss, that excites me very much. :)

By the way, sorry I've been kind of dead on here lately. I just... you know sometimes you just don't feel like LJ-ing? Maybe it's just me. Haha. I'm a horrible flister, sorry. I just... I don't know. I go through phases where I can't LIVE without posting (which is most of the time..) and lately I just don't feel like going to LJ. I'm not really sure why. 

I'm pretty sure that phase is ending though, because I found myself on here at four in the morning the other day... hm.

Hope I haven't missed too much... :) 


Oh hey, have any of you guys been watching the World Cup?
A bit insaaane, isn't it? Switz bet Spain, Brazil let North Korea get a goal in, NZ tied with Italy (the whole country was STOKED about that. And OMG, how AMAZING was Mark Paston? The goalkeeper? Blocking all those goals? LEGEND. I'm so stoked about NZ actually drawing. I was expecting Italy to kick our asses. ;P I now have a little bit of hope for the All Whites.)

I must say though... the refs are on CRACK. Seriously, that was NOT a penalty on NZ's part. Kewell shouldn't have gotten a red card... so many other things I can complain about.. but I'll save you the trouble. ;P

Tags: tagging later because i'm too damn lazy
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