May 3rd, 2010



I love you.
I find so many pictures. Involving all my fandoms.
You are just amazing.

I squeed really, really, REALLY hard today. I'm still squeeing a little now.

Wanna know why?

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I'm serious! Is that not the cutest thing like... ever?
I loooooove him! ♥


Oh! And GLEE.

I'm looovin' it! So glad it's back! Been lacking my fix. Hee.

Hm... what else. OH YEAH. Guess who hit NZ recently? JUSTIN BIEBER. Hahahaha. Someone stole his hat and knocked over his mom. And he drove past a boys school and they flipped him off. And... well... I never really hated him, but deng, this is really dumb...
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Oh. Why is the whole "Save the Seeker" thing happening again? I'm so lost... I thought it was safe? o.O
Oh well. It was trending on twitter. :) That made me happy.

Aaaand does the new Sex and the City 2 poster remind you guys of Legend of the Seeker? Just a bit?
Meh, could be just me.

Mmmkay, that's it. Lots of random points there. How've you guys been? :)